BIS grad and IT officer for Edinburgh International Festival, Dean

I was first attracted to BSc Business Information Systems (BIS) by the combination of IT and Business, it was a perfect fit for me as I didn’t feel like I wanted to be a programmer and I have analytical mind so the business modules were very exciting for me. It’s a hybrid course which I think is its strongest point.

Dean, IT officer for Edinburgh International Festival

I thoroughly enjoyed project management as it showed me the background to how a major IT project is carried out and inspired me for my dissertation.

It’s not compulsory to be a geek to study on BIS at all. In my year we had a wide range of people with lots of different personalities. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work hard.

BIS allowed me to find a job within the city centre that I love – the only reason I got this job was because of the work placement I did in my 3rd year. I gained a lot of confidence throughout my 3rd year because of the work placement. That year helped shape me into the young professional I wanted to be. It also let me see that making mistakes is ok as long as you learn from them.

BIS is different from other courses. It’s a hybrid course, it covers Business and IT. It gives you a full view of the Business world and the IT world, which makes it a fantastic course.

My most intriguing fellow student I would say was Rebecca. She pushed and helped me more than anyone else and I hope I did the same for her. I remember twice actually wanting to give up the course – once was half through my 2nd year doing database systems; it was just far too difficult for me to comprehend. The reason I didn’t give up was because I remembered what our programme leader said at the start of the year, “When it really starts to get tough, that’s when you will find out the BIS students wrap their sleeves up and really work hard”. I stuck with the module and I passed.

I would recommend BIS. It’s a fantastic course with a wide range of interesting subjects. It helps shape you into a young professional and the lecturers are fantastic at what they do. You are given the support you need to be the best that you can be. My advice would be, if you’re going to do Honours, then prepare far ahead in advance as you will need to use your time wisely and diligently.

I’m currently the IT officer for Edinburgh International Festival. It’s a charity and the people are very lovely.