Catching up with Aina

I’m Aina. Three things that could summarise me are: I am a kind, friendly and hard working person.

Recent BIS grad Aina

The range of subjects and the work placement opportunity is what attracted me the most to join the BSc Business Information Systems (BIS) course. My favourite subject was Database Systems, but I don’t believe that it is compulsory to be a geek to study on BIS. Prior to joining the course I had studied art, web design and had HNC in Administration and Information Technologies.

The course was challenging and allowed me to gain a lot of new knowledge which I believe makes me a more employable individual. The most important thing I’ve gained from studying on BIS has to be the work experience. I did a yearlong placement with the University of Edinburgh, which helped me a lot to develop both my professional and individual skills.

What makes the BIS course different from other courses is that it has a good balance of computing and business subjects. I believe that BIS has a lot to do with real life, mainly because the course not only arms students with computing knowledge but also gives a good insight into how real-life businesses operate. Therefore I believe that this course prepares students well to face challenges that may occur in the real working environment.

All of my fellow students were very friendly and supportive of each other. Perhaps Bence was the most intriguing fellow student as he seemed very quiet at the time I joined the course. However, after some time, I learned that he is very friendly and good at organising extra-curricular activities, which made our class so much closer. I wasn’t very silly at University but I once sat in on the wrong lecture. When I realised, I decided to leave the lecture so that I could go to the right one. However, the tutor spotted me and asked me why I was leaving, so I had to explain in front of the whole class. It was quite embarrassing.

There were several points throughout my studies that made me feel like giving up. However, I carried on with my studies because I believed that in order to achieve the goals that I have set for myself, I should finish the course. Therefore I did my best in all the modules I took, and I would recommend this course to others as I believe that it is a good course.

If I had to give single piece of advice to someone planning to study information systems, it would be: don’t panic if you don’t understand something. Tutors are there to help, it is better to clarify things that are unclear, for example in the assessment, than panicking and trying to complete an assignment that is unclear.

I’ve finished the BIS course and I feel good about the future. I had several companies contacting me and asking if I would like to submit my application with them. At the moment I have one job offer after passing the interview. However, I still have two assessment centres to complete. I am still weighing up my options in order to choose the right employment path for myself.