Keeping up to date with SAP

Large organisations need advanced software to help manage their operations, and the market leader in this field is SAP, a suite of software applications that can help businesses manage raw materials, and organise production, marketing and sales (and much more!) – all from a single point. SAP software is used across many sectors – from car manufacturing and aerospace through to healthcare and even by media companies and supermarket chains.

This week I’ve been at the 21st SAP Academic Conference in Potsdam, Germany – what a beautiful city. The event has allowed me to get up-to-speed with the latest developments from SAP, particularly SAP HANA, developed to help businesses better analyse and use the massive amounts of data they produce. Making the most of ‘Big Data’ – from detailed sales figures all the way to customer Tweets – is a huge priority for businesses.

We make sure our students understand some of the main techniques involved by exploring the data analysis and data exploration capabilities of SAP. Being part of the SAP University Alliance guarantees that we get access to SAP software and valuable case study material, enabling us to help students develop skills and knowledge that are in demand from employers.

Debbie Meharg, Lecturer, Information Systems Subject Group