Ailie’s favourite subject? Cyberpsychology

What first attracted you to the BSc Business Information Systems course?

Final year BIS student, Ailie

I was initially attracted to the BIS course because it was a course that allowed me to study computing but without being heavy with technical modules. I’d been keen on studying computing since the middle of high school but when it came to selecting a specific computing course to study at university I struggled. When I started university I was on another computing course and after doing programming modules I realised that that course was not for me. I researched what other course were available and discovered BIS, it quickly became apparent that BIS offered exactly what I wanted and then switched at the end of first the year.

What has been your favourite subject on BIS?
This is difficult as I’ve enjoyed aspects of almost every subject that I’ve studied but I think my ultimate favourite would have been cyberpsychology. Cyberpsychology was a bit different from the other classes that I studied, it looked at the evolution of humans and their capabilities and limitations when interacting with technology it was incredibly interesting.

What makes the BIS course different from other courses?
BIS is different from other courses as it has a balance of both technical and business focused classes. You have classes where you are quite technically focused such as databases and others where you look at business models and other business techniques, it provides you with a very diverse skillset.

Does BIS have anything to do with real life?
Yes! BIS has everything to do with real life. As someone who has been looking for a graduate job recently it has become glaringly obvious how relevant BIS is. Most graduate jobs/programs within IT are of course looking for candidates that have technical skills but also emphasise that candidates are required to have excellent communication skills, team working skills and project management skills, all of which are developed throughout the BIS course.

Was there ever a point when you felt like giving up? What made you carry on?
Yes, there definitely have been times when I have felt like this. For the most part it’s been self-inflicted and because I’ve left coursework to the last minute as I’d underestimated its difficulty or been absorbed in a Netflix series. Then I end up sitting the night before its due wanting to give up but I’ve always carried on. I think this is because I know how badly I want my degree, I’ve done my fair share in terrible part time jobs and anytime I want to give up I think about them and realise how badly I want a successful career and a job that I love.

Would you recommend BIS?
I would, I’d recommend it to anyone like myself who is interested in technology but not passionate about programming or other techy elements. Even those who are more business minded would most likely enjoy and benefit from BIS as the skills that are gained are so desirable to employers.

How has BIS helped you to fulfil an ambition?
I’ve always wanted a job that I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning for, one that really excites me and doesn’t get mundane after a matter of weeks. BIS has given me the skillset to secure a place on a graduate program that looks like it will do just that, I personally feel that the uniqueness of the course really helped me stand out at interviews and assessment centres. The course has lots of modules that involve groupwork and project management which are really useful when answering competency based questions in interviews.

What good advice would you give to anyone starting university?
I’d advise anyone starting university to practise good time management from the beginning because it really does pay off. It will ensure that you are able to get any help that is needed from lecturers or resources that are required in enough time so that your mark is not sacrificed. It’s really beneficial especially in fourth year when you’re working on your honours project while having additional modules running at the same time that will have additional coursework’s and exams.

What are you doing now?
I’m currently in my final year so I am very busy just now. I will be handing in my final honours project and sitting my final exams within the next few months so everything’s a little bit chaotic and nerve wracking just now.

How do you feel about the future?
Excited! I really can’t wait to start my career! I’ve just accepted a place on the RBS graduate program so am really looking forward to beginning, it’s a little bit scary but I really do think it will make the past four years’ worth it!