Chat with Kayvon

We chat with recent BSc Business Information Systems (BIS) graduate, Kayvon

BIS graduate Kayvon
BIS graduate Kayvon

1. Tell us three things about yourself.
I have lived in Edinburgh all my life (why would I want to live anywhere else?). I was president of the university badminton team and competed in the university league and cup competitions. I also love to play football!

2. What first attracted you to the BIS course?
On reading the prospectus, it was clear the BIS course offered a variety of essential modules and was designed to bring together theory and practice, including the option for a year-long placement. I hoped the course would help me improve my skills in an IT and business context and put me in good stead for a job in the IT business industry.

3. Is it compulsory to be a geek to study on BIS?
No, I’m not a geek and I have been quite successful! An enthusiasm to learn and effort in your studies will help you to be a successful BIS student.

4. What was your favourite subject on BIS?
There are many interesting subjects covered in BIS but one of my favourites was Knowledge Management. It was a very thought provoking module that involved lessons and assessments that prepared me well for the honours project dissertation and no doubt for the future.

5. Was there ever a point when you felt like giving up? What made you carry on?
A couple times during my dissertation I felt a little stressed and sometimes felt like giving up (I’m told this is perfectly normal). Great support and guidance from my honours project tutor and other university lecturers helped me focus on the task at hand and get through the challenging period. I should probably mention my family too who supported me a great deal throughout. It can be difficult at times but organise yourself well and it can also be very rewarding (once submitted!).

6. Would you recommend BIS?
Absolutely! BIS is a great course and I’m glad I decided to enrol. The BIS course is different from some courses in that you can do a full year’s work placement in the IT/business industry. This was invaluable and I learnt a lot from my experience working within the industry and applying what I had had learned in class. It also helps you confirm what you want to do in future.

7. You’ve finished the BIS course – how do you feel about the future?
Although I am sad to be leaving university, I know I am ready to take on the ‘real world’ thanks to my university degree. I now have a strong CV full of interesting and industry respected skills/ modules that I have studied and also a full year’s works based learning experience. I am confident employers will highly regard the skills and opportunities that the BIS course has provided me.

8. Where do you go from here?
Thanks to my degree, I now have a variety of skills and work experience. This has helped me to gain employment with an international technology company and would help when applying for graduate jobs.

9. What advice would you give to new students at Edinburgh Napier?
– Use a diary to keep you on track with module deadlines, university events, and exams.
– Always make a study plan when approaching exam time. Exams can be fun if you have learnt the content!
– Make sure you join a society at Edinburgh Napier if you have a particular interest in a sport or hobby. It’s a great way to meet new people and a great social life too.

10. What advice would you give to new BIS students?
– Make sure take up the opportunity to do a full year’s student placement. This is a great chance to challenge yourself and use some skills you have learned from your first few years at university.
– Always buy or borrow the module textbooks at the start for any course modules.
– Enjoy it, deciding to study BIS will be the best decision you have ever made!